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I love this book.  I had a gift card at Barnes and Noble, and I’d been wanting it for a while.  It’s a simple guide to companion planting.  My favorite part is the “weekend garden” near the end of the book.  Pg. 183 says, “The primary object of the weekend garden is to get the ‘mostes’ result with the leastes’ effort.'”  I really like that.  Usually I’d like to put more effort into it, but I’d also like to disappear to California for most of the month of June this year.  Prime gardening time.  And since neither my husband nor my very good friend are terribly reliable garden waterers (sorry guys, it’s just the truth…), I think I’ll hedge my bets and keep it simple.  I will still plant my usual 3 tomato plants, but I’ve also planted rhubarb and onions.  I’ll add peas, carrots, and herbs, along with marigolds and nasturtiums to keep the pests away.   Those are just the boxes outside my front door.  The back yard is going to need some professional attention before I plant it, because I’d like to sell our home this year, possibly. 

This book has great illustrated lists in the back, so you can visualize how you’d like to plant everything from an acre to a deck container.  Definitely a personal library item.


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