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 Hello Friends!

I realized there was no real purpose to my family blog, and that what I most want to share is what I’ve been reading.  I’m a compulsive reader of a crazy amount of books, but I know I’m in good company.  I read mostly while nursing, and definitely before going to bed.  My floor by my bed is littered with about ten books right now, and I pick up whichever one tickles my fancy each night. 

To begin this particular blog, I will be reviewing a wonderful article from a wonderful magazine.  Sadly, the magazine ended with this particular month, March 2009.  I did not know this until I tried to find an online version to post.  The magazine was called Wondertime and it was a very good parenting magazine.  It was totally secular and it appears to have been sponsored by Disney.  I have no idea why it went under.  It had lots of brain food in it, instead of advertising?  That happens to all my favorite tv shows, too.  Blargh.

This article began on pg. 78 of that issue.  Our librarian for periodicals in the children’s section appears not to have a method to her/his madness, but that’s how I found this, so I’m not complaining.  There were two articles, both written by parents in a bi-racial marriage, parenting their little children who don’t look like them.  One is a white parent of a black child, the other is the black parent of a child who looked quite white for about six months.  

Why is this important to us?  Because we are in a biracial marriage.  My husband is Filipino, and I’m a white chick.  We live in an area where our children don’t stick out too much, but we did adopt one child who is white.  We used to get all kinds of questions, but these days our sheer size gets the comments, not our race.  Which, by the way, can be just as aggravating.  MUST everyone comment on everybody?  Seriously!  You are all so original!! 

Ok, glad I got that off my chest.

I did not know people made such ridiculous comments.  These totally take the cake.  I will upload the pages as photos, since I can’t find a link to the article anywhere online.  Hopefully you can click and enlarge each one to read it.  = Enjoy a peek into other people’s worlds…


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