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Hello Any Readers I May Have After Being Severely Neglected,

I went on a long road trip.  Me, five kids, and a minivan.  That’s it.  Yup.  It was great!  You know how sometimes you want to scream, “Stop the world, I want to get off”?  Well, we did!  We got off by going away to parts completely far away and out of the way, to see relatives and friends and boy, did we have a blast.  Yes, you really can have a blast under those conditions.  I had tv’s in the car, but believe it or not, I did not use them til the last three hours of our whole month-long trip.  Instead, we had listened to The Secret Garden, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and The Silver Chair.  That’s a lot of good books on CD/iPhone.  We got The Secret Garden off www.librivox.org for free.  I had never read it!  It was great for all of us.  I can’t believe I’d never read it.

I have SO MANY BOOKS to share with you.  I am going to plan to just post one per day, because if I posted them all at once, you’d never stick with me.  So let me start with the most recent in my next post, and from there, I will tell you what I ran across on my my parents’ bookshelves at our old family house in CA.  I read A LOT.  It was loverly.  Not my normal reading material, but not way out there from my norm, either.

The first book shall be…


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